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Dribbling and passing to stimulate the peripheral vision

Dribbling and passing to stimulate the peripheral vision

  • 2 poles
  • 2 markers
  • 2 balls
  • Playing area: 15x15 meters
  • Players: 3
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes
Summary Secondary Objectives
Technical exercise proposed to improve the reaction timings and peripheral vision
Space-time differentiation, Peripheral vision, Straight line dribbling, Short pass

Inside the fixed area place two markers 10 meters apart. In front of the line formed by the two markers, place a pole 5 meters away from the line, and another pole 5 meters from the first pole. Players A (with the ball) and B stay near the corresponding markers. Player C, with another ball stays near the pole.

  • Players A e B pass the ball to each other, while player C carries the ball dribbling around the far pole
  • When player C comes back to the starting pole they pass the ball to one of the other players, choosing between A and B the one without the ball (figure A)
  • Player A receives the ball and continues the passing sequence with the teammate C who replaced the teammate B. Player B carries the ball dribbling around the pole
  • The exercise continues this way, with players rotating their positions for the whole series. 


  1. Pass first touch all the time when passing
  2. Obligatory 2 touch when passing
  3. Dribble using just a specific part of the foot, or the left one rather than the right one etc.
Coaching Points
  • Verify the intensity during the passing sequence
  • Verify the synchronicity of players when rotating
  • Encourage the players to keep an eye on both of the balls stimulating the peripheral vision


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