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Ball possession to 3 teams - Ball maintenance

Ball possession to 3 teams - Ball maintenance

  • Sufficient markers to outline the field
  • 10 vests (4 red, 4 green and 2 blue in the picture)
  • 6 small goals and 12 poles
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 40x30 meters
  • Players: 14 
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 3 series of 5 minutes with 1 minute and 30 seconds of recovery among the series
Summary Secondary Objectives
Ball possession exercise with 3 teams to improve ball maintenance under pressure, fast transitions and shooting
Losing your marker, Pass, Finishing, Intercepting, Mobility, Transitions

Make 2 adjacent rectangles of 20x30 meters for a total area of 40x30 meters. Place one small goal 2 meters away from each side of both rectangles (As shown in the picture) for a total of 6 goals. Divide the team into 3 groups of 4 players using the vests. Arrange the red team vs the white team with two blue neutral players inside one of the rectangles. Place the green team inside the other rectangle just waiting. Give the ball to one of the two teams to start the exercise.

  • On coach' signal the exercise begins with the objective of the team that possesses the ball (red in the picture) of perform 5 consecutive passes before passing the ball to the other rectangle to the green team. The white team moves to the other rectangle to keep on pressing and try to recover the ball.
  • The white team goes to press and recovers the ball to then try to score a goal on any of the 3 outer goals. The team that receives the goal swaps positions with the team that scored.
  • The two neutral players always help the team with ball possession


  • One point for 5 consecutive passes
  • One point for each goal
  1. The neutral players only help the team that is pressing and has to score a goal
  2. After each series change the neutral players
Coaching Points
  • Ball possession:
    • Creation of possession triangles to avoid opponents
    • Work on the reaction to the negative transition, once players have lost the ball, the closest player presses the opponent while teammates get closer
    • Work on the global distances between players
    • Work on body orientation during the reception, it should always beoriented to the widest part of the field
    • Encourage the give and go: After passing the ball to a teammate, the player keeps running into an empty space to receive the ball again
    • Minimum ideal unity: The player that possesses the ball should always have available a minimum number of teammates that can guarantee him a pass option at any time
    • The closest player to the ball carrier must choose what to do, move to encounter or to depth
    • Encourage players to perform a counter movement to lose the marker and get ready for ball reception
    • Players who are close on the same line, horizontal or vertical, have to move to create diagonal game lines to keep a continuous movement and a proper arrangement

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